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    Digital Marketing

    You don't have to do this alone, let us help with your Digital Marketing.

    Online Presence

    Your company’s online presence is vital to winning new customers.  If you’re wondering about how to reach more customers and how to effectively measure and manage your leads then you are in the right place. 

    Google Ads

    The Google Search Network is used to reach your customers in the right place at the right time. Showing the right Ads at the right time, to the right audience means you are setting yourself up for success.  BaseCloud has extensive experience in Google Ads marketing and we are the right team for your requirements. 

    Increased Traffic

    More people visit your website

    Become Competetive

    Go head on with your competition

    Remarkable ROI

    Earn more than you have ever before

    It's All Clockwork

    Affordable, easy, effective. It's the answer

    Traffic Flow

    Track how and where traffic is flowing on your website. Where are potential customers dropping off from your website and how can the general flow of your website be improved to dramatically increase your conversions? 
    Our focus is conversion driven, meaning we like to know and improve on the conversion count, ensuring more of the right people are applying on your website. 

    Traffic Analysis

    See where your customers navigate to

    Customer Analytics

    Check the location, age, interests and more of your clients

    Real-Time Observation

    See what is happeniong on your website in real-time

    Powerful Tools

    Gain deeper insights into all things customer related

    Lead Management

    Managing your leads is now easier than ever

    BaseCloud Advanced Tracking allows you to easily and automatically track where your leads are coming from. 
    This software then also makes it easy for you to manage the leads and ensure an effective win!

    How can Google Ads benefit your company?

    Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.  By making use of our Advanced Tracking Lead Management Software we continuously measure your ROI and make relevant changes in a pursuit of better performance so you can focus on running your business. 

    Potential clients who search for your products or services on Google are known as ‘high intent’ clients, meaning they already know what they want, they’re just looking for the company to supply it, so ensuring you always come up in the search results when these potential customers search really means you are catching the low hanging fruit. 

    As a Digital Marketing Company, we have unique products, services and knowledge which will help you outperform previous months and provide a steady income of new clients to grow your business. 

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    We are one of a kind!

    BaseCloud is a specialist Marketing Company. We supply you with Lead Management Software to help you manage the new incoming clients more effectively and this in return also helps us determine the efficacy of your Google Ads Campaigns.

    We have unique sales tools and processes so you can focus more on closing the deals rather than internal processes and constantly being concerned about the productivity of your sales team.

    At BaseCloud, we offer services with regards to the Google Search Network (GSN), the Google Display Network (GDN) and Google Video Network (GVN). We also offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) recommendations, specialist Google Analytics feedback and Google Search Console account setup which assists in creating powerful advertising campaigns.

    Our Promise To You

    We will help your business grow by transforming your company’s marketing and management processes!

    By implementing professionally designed Google Ads Marketing Campaigns we will be able to increase conversion rates and amplify your market reach and penetration. By implementing our Advanced Tracking Software we will change the way you have been handling clients and assist in higher sales rates and reduce inefficiencies in your company.

    We will conduct extensive research about your company and clients to set up the right Ads that will draw the attention of the right customers. We then additionally track the flow of these customers to ensure they get to the right place.