Jaco SJ Kruger

Jaco primarily focuses on improving the BaseCloud CRM system, ensuring they offer value to clients and logically help clients manage their own clients correctly. He codes most of the day and loves doing this, building systems that can truly help other companies grow! According to Jaco, when he designs something, he’s continually thinking – “how can I make the user's life easier and simpler” and then figures a way out. He also manages the finances, but seeing as most of that has been largely automated, it only takes a few minutes every day. Jaco loves working on home projects, building, breaking and improving the home, going to food markets, spending time with friends, having a braai, and playing poker.

Person Managing or positioning wooden blocks to indicate how his clients are grouped.

4 key features every lead management system should have

Managing leads has become more important than ever. Not only can one not afford to simply drop leads anymore, the speed with which leads are followed up with and turned into paying customers is vital to the health of any business. Many small businesses think they can manage with excel spreadsheets, task lists or even …

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What is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing really?

In short: Digital marketing comprises of any kinds of marketing over the internet.  There are many aspects to online/internet marketing, ranging from the most old school, namely SEO or Search Engine Optimization, to Display remarketing where images follow you around based on products you have viewed of specific search terms you may have searched for.     Let’s delve …

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