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4 Key Features Every Lead Management System Should Have

Managing leads has become more critical than ever. Not only can you not afford to drop leads anymore, but the speed with which leads are followed up and turned into paying customers is vital to the health of any business.

Many small businesses may feel overwhelmed by the task of managing their leads, resorting to Excel spreadsheets, task lists, or handwritten notes. While these methods can work in some specific situations, they are extremely prone to error, forgetfulness, and, ultimately, revenue loss. 

However, with a CRM system like BaseCloud, you can regain control of your lead management process. BaseCloud offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features that can optimise your lead management process, potentially increasing revenue. We believe that every lead management system should contain at least the four core features below. 

1. Automatic Live Capturing of Leads

Gone are the days of taking notes manually, which can be both time-consuming and error-prone. 

With BaseCloud CRM, a reliable lead management system, you can automatically fill in the necessary information into a lead sheet whenever leads come from emails, forms, calls, or other sources. This simplified process saves you a significant amount of time and guarantees accuracy, freeing you from the hassle of having to enter data manually.

2. Automatic System Reminders

Some leads may not be immediately convertible and may require follow-up at later stages. A quality system enables users to set reminders that will automatically prompt them to follow up with overdue leads.

3. Advanced Filtering and Search Options

Imagine that you receive 1000 leads every day. As a sales team member, how would you locate the leads that are relevant to you? Perhaps you remember a customer’s name and want to find their lead again? In order to efficiently manage leads, it is essential to have the ability to filter and search for them quickly and effectively.

4. Reporting Capabilities

Management is interested in something other than individual lead details. They want to see an overview. Even better: graphs and figures. 

Lead management systems that can auto-generate overviews and graphs have a significant advantage when looking for trends and ways to improve your business or sales process.

If your current methods do not include these four pillars, it may be time to consider different software. We highly recommend the BaseCloud CRM if you are looking to improve your lead management and increase your revenue. With BaseCloud CRM, you have the potential to manage your leads more effectively and see a significant boost in your bottom line.

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